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Our client approached us wanting to sell their unique set of products online, in an easy automated way and have AfterPay integrated as a form of payment.

Our client mostly sells one-off Taonga, which are Maori trinkets and jewellery typically made out of greenstone and bone.

We created a website using WooCommerce as the storefront and created archived categories for each type of Taonga.

The client is happy to have a website where the sales and payment were automated handled via AfterPay, PayPal & STRIPE directly from the website itself.

Our services included:

  • Web Site Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Contact Page
  • Instagram Integration
  • Favicon Creation
  • CSS Animations
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Testimonials