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This client owns multiple photography businesses (Say Monkey included) and wanted a distinct look for each of her different brands. Poihakena Portraits creates Maori style family photos, which is very special to me, being Maori myself.

The client already had their own website but over time after multiple additions the website had become overloaded and messy. They wanted to create a new landing page to clean up that mess while still retaining their old pages and blog posts as they were still being used and linked to.

We used brown overtones and incorporated the red/white/black which are traditional Maori colours and also the colours of their logo. We made the website very image-centric utilizing their numerous high quality images – We reduced the file size of many of the images while still retaining the quality of each image, to reduce load times on the website.

We added their iFrame booking system into the website using pop modals with on-click triggers. We used a video of their work as a header on both mobile and PC and heavily used animations to slide in content throughout the page.

Our services included:


  • Web Site Design
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Contact Page
  • On-Click Trigger Modals
  • Animated Content
  • Custom Mobile Menu
  • Video Header
  • One Page Custom Design